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Viking Gala 2018

This year’s Viking Gala, on November 8, was in honour of the 100th anniversary of the independence of Iceland. The Ambassador of Iceland, His Excellency Pétur Ásgeirsson and his wife Ms. Jóhanna Gunnarsdóttir were the guests of honour.

His Excellency Pétur Ásgeirsson and Ms. Jóhanna Gunnarsdóttir

We were very pleased to meet and welcome to Canada His Excellency Thomas Winkler, Ambassador of Denmark, who attended our Gala with his mother, Mrs Anne-Birthe Winkler.

His Excellency Thomas Winkler and Mrs Anne-Birthe Winkler

His Excellency Vesa Lehtonen, Ambassador for Finland attended with his wife Ms. Pirjetta Manninen. Ambassador Lehtonen congratulated Iceland in his remarks and proposed a toast to its independence.

A delicious gourmet Nordic meal was prepared and served by the culinary students of Collège la Cité. The evening began with intense competition among tables to complete a quiz about Iceland that had been prepared by Tim Mark and Costa Kapsalis. Guests also enjoyed two songs (one in Icelandic) sung by CNS Vice-president Trygve Ringereide with piano accompaniment by Cecilia Ignatieff. To complete the evening, storyteller Gail Anglin told her own entertaining version of the “Saga of Erik the Red.”

Left to right, Marian McLennan, Trygve Ringereide and Cecilia Ignatieff

The delightful surprise of the evening was a video greeting by none other than the First Lady of Iceland, Ms. Eliza Reid. She grew up near Ottawa, Ontario and attended Bell High School with the daughter of Costa Kapsalis, who arranged this special greeting.

The whole CNS Council contributed to the success of this wonderful evening, but special mention must be made of Hanne Sjøborg, who took the lead and made sure every detail was just right. Many thanks to Astrid Ahlgren who took all the photos at our Viking Gala 2018!

Hanne Sjøborg and Henry Storgaard

CNS President Karin Birnbaum

Lucia Fehr and CNS Treasurer Lennart Nylund

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