Nordic Embassies in Canada and tourist information

H.E. Jon Elvedal Fredriksen


Ambassador of Norway

Royal Norwegian Embassy: Ottawa

150 Metcalfe Street Suite 1300

Ottawa, Ont, K2P 1P1

Phone: 613-238-6571, Fax: 613-238-2765,

E-mail: emb.Ottawa@mfa.no

Website: www.emb-norway.ca

H.E. Urban Ahlin


Ambassador of Sweden

Swedish Embassy: Ottawa

377 Dalhousie Street

Ottawa, ON K1N 9N8

Phone: 613-244-8200, Fax: 613-241 2277

E-mail: sweden.ottawa@gov.se

Website: www.swedishembassy.ca

H.E. Hanne Fugl Eskjær


Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark

Royal Danish Embassy: Ottawa

47 Clarence Street, Suite 450

Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 9K1

Tel. 613-562-1811, Fax. (613) 562 1812

E-mail: ottamb@um.dk

Website: www.ambottawa.um.dk

H.E. Roy Eriksson


Ambassador of Finland

Embassy of Finland: Ottawa

55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 850

Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6L5

Tel. 613-288-2233, Fax: 613-288 2244

E-mail: embassy@finland.ca

Website: www.finland.ca

Hlynur Guðjónsson


Ambassador of Iceland

Embassy of Iceland: Ottawa

360 Albert Street, Suite 710

Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7

Tel: 613-482-1944, Fax: (613) 482 1945

E-mail: icemb.ottawa@utn.stjr.is

Website: www.government.is/diplomatic-missions/embassy-of-iceland-in-ottawa

Social Organisations in Ottawa

Travel information

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