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  • Hilde Huus

Highlights from our Christmas Luncheon

Our Christmas luncheon this year was the best one so far, at least for me. Our Treasurer, Lennart Nylund, ensured that we had the use of the main floor dining room, with full table service. We had our best turnout in years (maybe ever!), and the Mess really outdid itself with the full four- course turkey dinner, all for less than $20. But it was the Christmas music led by Vice-president Trygve Ringereide and accompanied by Cecilia Ignatieff on piano, with the participation of the Finnish Singers and a good number of our own members, that really made the luncheon a success.

Astrid Ahlgren took many photos and passed them on to their subjects. As she remarked, everyone looked so happy! It really was a fun and festive atmosphere. The photo above of our impromptu choir is courtesy of Barbara Lehtiniemi. She and her husband Leo reported that 1 1/2 hour drive from their home in Glen Robertson was well worth it!

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