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Updated: Feb 3, 2021

  1. The Norwegian streaming service “Films of Norway” streams Norwegian tv series and movies. Go to: for more information. It is a subscription service but it is offering a free trial.

  2. Tim Mark recommends an online course on The Medieval Icelandic Sagas (, given by the University of Iceland on the Edx platform. He is happy to provide further information to anyone interested. You may email him at (And by the way, Tim successfully passed the course, in case you were wondering!)

  3. If you like to read about the Vikings, a new book called “The Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings” by Neil Price has just been published. It has received excellent reviews.

  4. Lara of the North” by A.R. Henrickson takes place in the 1700’s in Iceland. gives it a positive review:

  5. We are keeping an eye out for a coming TV series called “Atlantic Crossing.” It is currently showing in Norway and can be seen on NRK in Norwegian. We should be seeing it with subtitles next spring. It is an eight episode series about Norwegian Crown Princess Märtha and her children, who crossed the Atlantic as political refugees and found a safe place at the White House with President Roosevelt. Thanks to Tuula Bigras for the heads up! This is sure to be of interest to many of our members.

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