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  • Hilde Huus

Our 2020 Christmas Luncheon

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

We enjoyed a very cheerful Christmas lunch via Zoom this year. Initiated by Councillor Judith Johnstone, with lots of discussion within Council on how to go about this novel event, the end result was more than satisfactory. Each participant had a few words to say about their own Christmas experiences or offered a friendly greeting, so we had a chance to get better acquainted with members we might not have spoken to or heard from in the past. Our traditional Nordic carol singalong, led by tenor Trygve Ringereide accompanied on the piano by Parvaneh Eshghi, brought back memories of Christmases past, both in Canada and in the Nordic countries. In these isolating times, it was heartwarming to see and hear from our CNS friends and join in a singalong, even if we were all “on mute.” It certainly lifted my spirits!

In the past we have been able to share many festive photos of our in-person Christmas luncheons, usually taken by Astrid Ahlgren, and I for one miss them! But I am happy to be able to include the photo above by Marian McLennan of Trygve and Parvaneh. Their musicality and festive spirit made the occasion a joyful one.

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