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Based in Canada's National Capital Region, the Canadian Nordic Society celebrates the links and common interests between Canada and the Nordic countries: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Since 1963 the CNS has provided opportunities to share, learn about and celebrate Nordic culture and history and Canada's Nordic connections.

The Canadian Nordic Society hosts a program of speakers, organizes events and celebrations, and publishes Nordic News, our newsletter that ensures that our members are aware of activities and news of interest.

The Canadian Nordic Society (CNS) is an organization committed to promoting among Canadians an awareness of the cultural, economic, social, political, and physical landscapes of the Nordic nations, including fostering an awareness of Canada's likeness to Nordic countries. We achieve this by providing an innovative and exciting program of activities which run from September through June. This promotion is augmented by year-round communications via our newsletter and web site.

We are proud of our long history. The Canadian Nordic Society was established in 1963. Our founding president, the late Dan Harris, was a recipient of the Order of the Northern Star by Sweden's Prince Bertil in recognition of his services in promoting Sweden in Canada. Our membership is drawn from a wide range of local residents, both Canadians and non-Canadians, including members of the diplomatic community with whom we have traditionally held close ties and who serve as honorary members in our Society.

Members of the CNS participate in a range of activities which the Society offers such as monthly luncheons; a speaker series featuring eminent Canadians and visitors including ambassadors, explorers, scientists, academics, film directors, former Prime Ministers, authors; as well as organizing other events.
If you are interested in joining the Canadian Nordic Society, come to one of our events, or fill out the form on our membership page

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Canadian Nordic Society
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The CNS membership year is from September 1 to August. The fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31, so that an audit can be completed in advance of the AGM in May. The membership dues are: $30.00 for an individual membership; $45.00 for a family membership and $20.00 for a student membership.

Please fill in the form, enclose a cheque and mail it to the CNS mail box indicated in the letterhead or give it to a Council Members listed below.

It is the membership dues that enable us to have the Speakersí Series which has been one of the distinguishing aspects of the Canadian Nordic Society program since CNS was established in 1963. While it works in close co-operation with the five Nordic embassies situated in Ottawa, CNS does not receive any financial support from any embassy or other organization.

CNS depends on its membership to enable it to continue carrying out a program of activities that promote a better understanding of the societies and cultures of the Nordic countries.

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