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Viking Gala Becoming a Key Annual Event

Arriving guests knew they were in the right place when they were greeted by the very dapper “Lennart Nylund the Viking”

The success of this year’s January 16 Viking Gala made it very clear that for many members, the Gala is a highlight of our CNS annual program. The annual Gala was initiated by Councillor Hanne Sjøborg in 2017, and she has taken the lead on it ever since - liaising with Collège de la Cité to establish the menu, issuing the invitations, organizing the program, and attending to all the little professional details that make these evenings so enjoyable. The gourmet Nordic meal prepared by the students of the culinary program under the supervision of their chef was original and delectable. The atmosphere was warm and friendly with Vice-president Trygve Ringereide as master of ceremonies. Norwegian Ambassador H.E. Anne Kari H. Ovind and Danish ambassador H.E. Hanne Fugl Eskjær were engaging and gracious as they addressed the guests. Rolf Christensen was impressive in his detailed knowledge of explorer Jens Munk’s Arctic expedition 400 years ago. Many thanks to Rolf for the photo fourth photo below and to Astrid Ahlgren for the rest!

On top of all her other contributions to organizing the Gala, Hanne Sjøborg enlisted the help of husband Henry Storgaard to put together the warm-up quiz about Denmark.

CNS President Karin Birnbaum welcomed the guests warmly

The always eloquent Trygve Ringereide was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and is pictured here with his wife Marian McLennan.

Left to right, Anne Kari H. Ovind, Ambassador of Norway; Rolf Christensen, President of Danish Federations in Canada and guest speaker; Hanne Fugl Eskjær, Ambassador of Denmark; Pétur Ásgeirsson, Ambassador of Iceland

David Bournes, President of the Danish Club of Ottawa, and his wife Marianne Bournes

Len and Leena Sillanpää

Kristin Udjus Teitelbaum

Aud Karin Sund, Carol Ann Godo, Hilde Huus

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