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  • Peter Macnaughton

October Film Evening

The film "Spring of Joy" (Glädjekällan), directed by Swedish director Richard Hobert, was shown at our October meeting. Centre stage to the film was an urn containing the ashes of a woman who enjoyed travelling. The husband was stay-at-home very traditional and serious Swede, who wished to lay to rest his wife at a beloved cottage. But his son, a rock star, had designs on the property to pay for his next album release and who had a rather eccentric young lady in tow. Of course there was immediate conflict between the old and the young, as they drove from his home to the cottage. The urn underwent a comical series of near mishaps during the trip. But all wrapped up nicely and neatly in the end. Britt Bengtsson, Information Officer at the Swedish Embassy, was on hand to introduce the film and to answer questions afterwards.

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