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Jan Järvlepp’s “Concerto 2000 and Other Works”

“Maybe someone would be interested” was the subject of an email sent out by Jan Järvlepp in May. Rather a modest introduction to a composition called “Caliente” from his newly released CD “Concerto 2000 and Other Works,” featuring Pascale Margely on flute, the Janáçek Philharmonic Orchestra, the Zagreb Festival Orchestra, and the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jan is the son of the late Eric and Leena Järvlepp, who were both active and well-liked members of the Canadian Nordic Society for many years. Eric was Estonian and had met his Finnish wife Leena when he was a young soldier in WWII. They came to Canada in 1951 and three years later Jan was born in Ottawa.

Jan plays the cello as well as the bass guitar and harmonica and played cello with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra for many years. He has also been active in the Ottawa musical community as a freelance cellist, teacher, recording technician, and contractor for chamber music groups. He is now a full-time composer.

To quote his website: Järvlepp has been delving deeper and deeper into the world of pop-influenced contemporary "classical" composition... He has also taken an interest in Hispanic, flamenco, Arab and Nordic folk styles. The result has been a variety of accessible pieces of music that appeal to a surprisingly wide cross section of the public. Here is the link to listen to the joyful “Caliente,” from his new CD. The CD is distributed internationally by Naxos ( Pascale-Margely/dp/B088B8MFJS) and digital versions are available online.

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